Friday, May 22, 2009

Sex on the Beach

“What is this suit…I’m wearing?” I was dazed, from what felt like a hangover.

The bright sun that shone from the window had awoken me. I adjusted my eyes. The room was quite unorthodox looking. There were a lot of odd figures and trinkets hanging on the walls and lying about. I was still trying to figure out how I got in the room, and why the hell I was wearing this obnoxious looking costume. I started to get up so I examine the room better. I woozily walked towards the drawer. Upon it laid a three-headed statue.

“Weird,” I muttered.

As I walked around the room, I slowly began to recollect the night before. There were dazzling lights, loud music, and beautiful women… then there was her. I vaguely remembered her face. I did remember meeting her at the bar. She ordered me a drink, but I did not remember what it was. My memory began to get fuzzy again. Suddenly, a throbbing pain struck my brain.

“Yes…I remember now…that drink…ugh…”

She had ordered me a Sex on the Beach…and insisted I add in a special ingredient to it. She claimed it would have given it a spunk I have never tasted or experienced before. Her exact words being, “It’s some shit.”

“Spunk my ass…” I bitterly said.

The spunk had knocked me out…cold. The events that transpired afterwards, I had no idea what there were. I did however know, I was robbed, put into this suit, and left in this room. I decided not to dwell on last night, and continued exploring the room. I noticed a mirror. It was clear, and I noticed my ridiculous look. A small laugh escaped my mouth. I touched the mirror... and it suddenly rippled like water. The image of the mirror changed from me to a dog, its piercing black eyes staring at me.

“What the…” I stepped closer towards the mirror.

Without any warning, I fell right into the mirror, the glass transforming from solid into liquid. I was falling, falling into a reflective hole of hell. All around me, I saw the dog with its black eyes. I started to feel funny myself, as if I was undergoing a metamorphosis.

“What’s happening to me?” I yelled. Oddly, it sounded like a bark as I yelled it.

As I fell, the reflective glass around me started to shatter, shattering faster than I could fall. The glass fell on me, and the shards hit me with excruciating pain. I closed my eyes to try to escape my apparent death. Closing my eyes seemed to help because the pain began to subside. After all the pain was gone, I cautiously opened my eyes. I felt myself breathing heavily into a mask. It was a gas mask.

“Huh?” I yelped, which came out as a whimper.

I tried walking, but a sharp tug held me back. I turned around. A young man in a gas mask had me by a leash. Shocked, I tried to remove the leash he had around me. I realized in horror that I did not have hands I had paws.

“What the fuck?” I exclaimed (which came out as a loud howl).

“How the hell did I turn into a dog?”

I assumed this transformation happened as I was free falling in the glass chamber. I did not know why or how I transformed or ended up where I was, but I wanted to escape the leash and whoever my master was. I noticed my gas mask was somewhat loose. I decided that this was the time to break free from this slave master. I shook my head violently and the mask flew off like a bird. Happy to be free, I started gnawing at the leash behind me. My master looked shocked, he started to pull back on the leash, hoping to restrain me, but it was too late, I almost had bitten off the leash. With one great pull, I ripped off the leash, and made a run for it. The adrenaline from escaping made me hunger for blood. I ran fiercely away, hoping in the back in my mind to find something tasty to sink my fangs into. I lucked out, because as I ran, an old man happened to be walking towards my direction. I decided he would be my victim. I charged towards and began my attacking stance. I aimed for his leg, opened my mouth wide, and bit down as hard as I could. The old man was taken aback by my actions, and started to wince in pain. I bit down harder, until I saw blood seeping from the holes I just created. As the man yelled in agony, I felt my energy being sucked away and I started to feel weak. I let my grip on the man’s leg loosen up; as I thought that would make me stronger…it did not. My body began experiencing a strange sensation.

“What’s happening?!” I thought to myself.

I felt the same metamorphosis feeling I felt when I was in the hellhole.

“Oh god…”

I blacked out.


I woke up again. When I came to my senses, I was staring face to face with a cold, metallic face.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked…my voice sounding tired.

“I AM BOT RXP23.,” replied the face. “MAKE YOUR MOVE.”


I looked down; apparently, I was playing chess with this bucket of bolts. As I looked down, I realized I was an older man, with rough skin, and very tired fingers. I felt my face, I had a long beard, and a big nose. I also realized I was wearing large spectacles.

“Oh well…I don’t know what the hell happened, or what the hell is going on…but I like chess.” I murmured to myself.

Then I remembered what that girl had told me, all so long ago.

“Some shit, indeed.”


  1. Haha, very creative. I like how you tied in all the pictures into one story. That must have been challenging but you pulled it off. I was interested from beginning to end and even laughed at the last part. I think we all learned a lesson from this one..."Don't do drugs!"...or do we? Great job!

  2. Did you just comment on your own story saying it sucks? I don't think it sucks.