Thursday, May 28, 2009


I sit at home dazed and confused. I have no idea where my life is going or what I’ve even lived. I look around my apartment and see feint images of memories that I don‘t really remember. I look at myself and don’t know who I am anymore. I have no idea where to go from here or if I’ve ever even gone anywhere at all. It’s all just a strange blur. After a while I walk to the center of my room and just sit on the floor. Eventually, light comes in through the window. As the light fills the room I get up look outside and see everyone below.
While looking down I start having reflections on life and also humanity as a whole. I rethink what the goals in life are and the standards one must live up to. Seeing everyone walk from place to place to their jobs and houses made me see people as a collective force and root of civilization. Everyone constantly tries meet ideals in society, but what do those ideals really mean? What truly defines an individual? What is the actual goal of one’s life?
As I walk back to my bed I lie down, and rest my eyes. After falling asleep I have a vivid dream only it felt like I was awake. Actually more awake than I already was. It was a strange state of mind where it seemed that I suddenly understood everything as if it all just came together. After a while I abruptly re awoke and forgot everything I saw within seconds . Despite that I still felt a new sense conscience and was able to see things in a different perspective. As I walked downstairs things seemed less blurry and problems less relevant. After walking out of my house into I started the day with a new sense of contempt and motivation.


  1. Haunting and vivid. The style you went for very much matches the style of the photo. The only thing I would seggest is that you write down the first word of every sentence and when you revise try not to use the same word to begin too many sucsessive sentences, it detracts from a persons ability to concentrate.

  2. This story evoked very clear concious imagery.I love the vulnerability and the photo reinforced the style.Very moving!!

  3. It really matches the photo almost to a tee. I feel really bad for the guy but at the same time he did have some realizations which is always good.