Friday, August 7, 2009

Eovl & Ecaep, Xes, Sgurd fo Sare Eht

Bell Bottoms, big hair, is that weed I smell?
Funkadelic colors, tie-dyed shirts, loving so good that it hurts
Sniffing snow, eating caps, tripping out over all this crap
JFK, Yellow Submarines, is that a Bee Gee I see?
Fight the Power, Black Panther, Peace & Love, let’s all hug
Far Out, Groovy, Abbey Road, Let’s all get blowed
Flashing lights, slick moves, John Travolta with a funny do
I’m starting to combine eras, but I don’t care, Watergate treated Nixon unfair
Vietnam, Rocky & Apollo Creed, Man on the Moon, who would’ve believed?
It’s almost the end of this song, Feminism started to boom
Let’s end on this note, the 60’s and 70’s had a lotta fucking smoke

(It’s better if I read it, I can make it sound like it actually rhymes, by alliterating specific syllables)


  1. What the hell does the title mean?

  2. Backwards it spells "The Eras of Drugs, Sex, Peace, and Love". I thought it was great. I really wish I were alive then.

  3. Wow, which picture was this? I totally love it and it really depicted those decades real well. It flowed really well. Good job!