Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thoth to Isis

Thoth to Isis

Isis, you request accountability,

Perhaps deserve an answer;

I’m pure as a virgin’s bedside manner;

Gods who hang with baboons

Need no supervision to

Shape-shift on command,

Conceal desire, then eat like an Ibis.

Isis, Egypt remembers my connections

My contributions; rolling dice,

I won five extra solar days yearly from the moon

Lifted your mother’s curse, provided more

Hours to menstruate in an unfertile universe

Created from dirt inside a bottle-cap; like

Cosmetics, now humans wear each age longer

Oh Isis, you know Ra’s eye

Kept watching me; torn out by Set, I

Restored it, named “the whole one” Wadjet; she

Sent me a Nubian twig and beer can pull-top,

Future remnants of skyscraping pyramids;

Houses exalting material wastelands, ignoring my

Coffin Texts, supernatural spells, renewal

Isis, your birthright sinks like a

Papyrus cradle drifting down the Nile.

It’s always been about personal needs

My magic gave you life, quenched the desert thirst

While your wings breathed life into a corpse

Long enough to seed another Horus; the

Waning moon foretelling our waxing light

Isis, clutch your ankh like a holy relic,

Universe’s forgotten us both;

My scribbles take flight off dusty scrolls

Crumble and fall through fingers true, when

Scales no longer distinguish the ingenuous and unworthy;

Society now devours them both in a world of feathers,

Twittering its way into a commercial afterlife.


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  1. Loved the way it was read during the meeting...great piece. I liked how it was both modern and ancient.