Monday, June 1, 2009


Chuckles the Bubble Makers’ house had the smell of day old sweat. The most pungent west wing of the house where all the strange sounds had been coming from was finally allowed to air out with the opening of the studio window on the west wing of the house.

The son of the Bubble Maker, JacJac, sat on the floor with disappointment and annoyance. The stage he had set up for his distant visitor now only full of his failures. He remembers, it was a beautiful Saturday morning, when his best friend, Socosa, a cockatoo, he found that talked, flew into the kitchen with Samson his childhood pet dog that he wished could talk following close behind.

“Stop, your infernal gyrating about and listen.” Socosa bellowed in his cute high pitched voice. Always, thinking himself bigger and stronger then he really is. JacJac, decided this was just another one of Socosa’s annoying boasts and continued to dance to music only he could hear. The bells on his hat and his humming the only sound the other could register. Moments after Socosa flew in, Samson slid his way in on the polished linoleum kitchen floor barking and turning around in a circle clockwise then counterclockwise and barking again. JacJac stopped dancing to the music in his head.

“What is it boy?” He said now kneeling down petting Samson.

“Great, he listens to the dog, a creature that licks his own privates, not to the 10th level stellar mathematic intellect.”

“You mean the talking bird that likes to crap on newspaper in a cage.” JacJac fired back looking up from Samson.

“After your stupid dog slapped me in with his tail I prefer to “crap” in safety.” Socosa explained with his beak raise up as if a disgusting smell had just creped its way in.

“Anyway, we have a royal visitor. He name is Vizier Kutok. He is a member of the Intergalactic Council of Knowledge or ICK for short.”

JacJac raised his right eye brow, looking doubtful at his mouthy friend but before he could make a witty retort about the name ICK he remembered his father telling his the story of being an intergalactic jester, which seemed to run in the family he never had to do a normal job he just used his natural funniness to get by.

“Alright, Sam let’s go see what the 10th level intellect is talking about.”

Those were the last sarcastic words he remembers being said. He walked into the studio to meet the Vizier. He vaguely remembers being introduced and Samson always in a separate room way from the Vizier. He remembered the high pitched voices talking to each other and Socosa saying that his son was having his birthday in one Earth week and he came to seek out his dad. Unfortunately, Socosa had to tell him he died 10 years ago while eating and laughing by choked on a small chicken bone with his friends. No one helped him in time because they thought it was just him making another joke. Socosa explained to the Vizier that JacJac has been doing a great job carrying on with his fathers work.

“Great one, he will be perfect for your son’s party. Just let him wow you with his born talent.”

JacJac did his best work; he brought out his big feet, no laugh from the Vizier. He did a comical violin playing, not even a smile. He tried his makes of comedy and drama…again, nothing. The sun was starting to set and he was sweating and tired. He tried a last resort as he saw the vizier turn started to turn to open the window. JacJac pulled out a piece of paper from jigsaw puzzle and reviewed the instruction that was on it:

To make someone laugh who can’t or won’t. This happens to all of us once in awhile don’t get down, just let go. Sometimes the person just isn’t in the mood for a laugh, just let go. So I’ve written that twice now, just let go. You should have pick up on it by now…just let go…FART you idiot. Make the sound or do the deed but just let it go. It you can’t get them on that…well you need some help…and clean underwear.

---Chuckles the Bubble Maker

JacJac had never knew his father to “just let go” before but he decided to give it a go. Within an instance, the Vizier telekinetically threw the windows open and flew out into the light of the setting sun. Leaving JacJac on the floor wondering were he had gone wrong. Socosa knew it was probably best to keep his mouth shut, he never expected him to fail.


  1. What a witty and vivid story, i totally loved the style of this story.Not to mention, it was totally leftfeild from what one might think that picture to evoke,great work look forward to more

  2. I really like this one. You took a whole new view on the picture and its very creative. I was a bit confused in the beginning and I had to re-read it a couple of times to really understand what was going on but I got it. I'm not really sure why there is small text at the bottom...but okay! Keep up the good work!