Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ocean's Block

A chill morning, with a beautiful blue sky overhead.

I look towards the horizon, I smile to myself, excited about the journey ahead.

I feel the breeze as I prepare my boat to sail the vast ocean.

This isn’t just any ordinary ocean though, this ocean is one of broken thoughts, frustration, anger, sadness, and other ideas and emotions that couldn’t be exactly conveyed.

The vastness is known as Ocean’s Block…painters of all creeds dump their incompleteness here, pieces they do not want others to see.

The ocean is one hundred feet deep, filled to the top canvases of all sizes, shapes. Broken, dirty, blank, painted on, ripped…too many types to name them all.

The breeze got stronger and the chill sent a shiver up my spine.

My voyage was almost set, I was going to sail this ocean.

As I looked forward, I began my journey.


  1. I like the beginning of this, I didn't get a chance to see this picture there but it was a very good choice. I like how all the clutter had a deeper meaning that related to artist. I'm not wild about the ending though, I kinda remember you using it for something else..I'm not sure though. I also think this would work better as a poem. Good job though.

  2. Me too I'd like to see how you'd adapt this too a poem. It sounds almost like the long meandering quotes that people will use at the tops of chapters. And that isn't an insult. I like long meandering quotes.