Thursday, June 4, 2009

Science Marches On.

“That’s checkmate again, old friend.” Edgar said to Charles, his metallic companion, as he took the opposing queen.
“Statement: Indeed. Good game.” Charles responded as he offered a handshake that Edgar took.
“Yes, good game as always. I’ll never understand why you older models have fallen out of favor.”
“Agreement: I know of nothing wrong with me, either. Speculation: Us Zwei-Series models aren’t as entertaining, I suppose.”
“Nonsense, you’re plenty fun." Edgar said with a scoff. "Why, you can play chess, checkers, or any other game just as well as me.”
“Observation: You and I may be the only ones who still play such games.”
“True. If it doesn’t have some fancy graphics nobody will give it a second glance any more.”
“Statement: Sad, but true.”
“Really, it’s just gotten ridiculous nowadays. Can’t even tell between man or machine anymore.”
“Agreement: That is true. Even some androids believe they are human.”
“Ah, that’s just bad programming. Those Vier-Series ‘bots are just hunks of junk.”
“Skeptical Agreement: Maybe. Proposition: For now, care for another game?”
“Ah, I’m afraid not. I must be going.” Edgar said while rising.
“Question: For your monthly upgrade?” Charles asked.
“Yes, even us Drei-Series androids need virus protection. See you tomorrow.”
“Statement: Farewell.” Charles said before Edgar left the room. With nothing left to do, he leaned back and entered standby mode, waiting for the return of his more advanced friend.

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  1. I like the characterization of this piece. The older model playing against the newer model shows how more sophisticated new things are -- supposedly. I really thought Edgar was a real person though, hehe.