Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Mothers Woes

Here I stand, my beautiful ebony hair pulled back and its length packaged into the traditional ceremonial bun with the red dragon crest of my family line, Shao Kahn, binding it all together. I decided to buck tradition and instead of wearing the dragon earrings of my family, I wore my favorite earrings. I remember what he said when he gave them to me,

“These earrings represent our love; green for money and power surrounded by the golden flow of our power as we spread our power far and wide, like that of a sun with a green heart.” Oh, how I loved his power…but the past is the past. Now is the time for the future and my daughter’s new life.

She always loved me in this traditional Mongolian style blue dress with its red collar and lining. She said it made me shine like royalty. I long for my Outworld trappings not this Earthrealm crap! Though, as this is her day, I’m wearing what she wants. I should be happy for her on this day, my one and only daughter has chosen herself a husband and held strong against my better judgment. For that I will always secretly envy her as I could never have done that to my mother. In the end I was right what is love with out money? Sure we did love each other when things were going well but he was just a magic seller. He knew nothing of making it for himself. What a hack, but great in bed. Oh well, death comes to those who speak out against the Dragon King. Oh my, love Shang Tsung why didn’t I stand up for our love. I was too weak, unlike my daughter.

My mind is swirling in this place I can’t seem to focus. I can’t believe she will be Mrs. Earthrealm Scum. Oh well, that is the ways of youth these days. I will make sure that my grandchildren know their heritage.

“Ladies and gentleman I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Kang.” Said a man with lightning swirling in his eye sockets.

May my tears bring your death Liu Kang!!


  1. Interesting....scorn mother? I like the ending though and the detail in the story flowed very well.

  2. I think I would like to see the story longer, I know you don't like writing long things but that way you can get what is in your head out without feeling rushed. Most of your story ideas seem like they deserve room to grow.