Sunday, July 19, 2009

Clash of the Titans ( Caribbean style)

The Flames from the kerosene " flambo" somewhat illuminated what was to be an interesting night. Rain fell buckets earlier in the day yet on midnight of October 4th it drizzled lightly, softly on our tiny village.8 days of non-stop darkness all because a transformer blew and T&TEC ( Trnidad and Tobago electrical Co) was not about to test the lighting bolts that raged against the sky." Dis is chupidness now, 8dys an no power, all meh meat dem go spoil". My mother was livid, she stood infront of the fridge as if by sheer will she could preserve it's "precious" contents.In the distance drums could be heard amist the sound of rain on galvanized roofs. Uncle lucky's luck ran out and only adults were going to his wake." Watch Stasha,there is dumplings and smoke herrings in the pot". We watched our mom depart the draped doorway with glee, we knew well enough that lack of grownups did'nt mean we could'nt have some fun.

"Kizzy ey Kizzy" a voice calls my name, " who dey"? it was Kellyann my cousin. I took up the kerosene lamp and my sister and headed through the back door. already 8 of us were gathered with bottles and spoons eager to drum songs of our own.Our voices rose high , the lightning and thunder occassionaly added to our backyaed symphony.Four or was it six songs later a whispher could be heard from beaneath the steps, Mable just joined the party. Beaneath her arms was a nip ( Trini term for 12 fl 0z) it was mountain dew , the open bottle filled our nostrils with a sweet aroma peculiarly to sweet for mountain dew. Nevertheless we drank it all, a few songs later we called it quits for the night . After groggy good nights and heavy eyelids, my sister and i were tucked snugged in our beds.

I did'nt seem to be asleep that long before "Oh gosh" my tummy, it was in a world of hurt, the out house was calling. Our latrine was too dark for me to go down back, so i opted to go across the street to Auntie Eunice's, it was still drizzling and the drums still blared in the darkness. Mummy was'nt home yet, wakes on the Islands usually go on into the wee hours of the morning. My head felt a little to airy, but i was determined to make it across the street. What the hell? could my eyes be playing tricks? There blocking my way was a man so tall i could'nt see his head, his legs strecthed across the road way urging me to dare passing. Oh crap, a phantom !!( An entity said to be extremly tall, if when crossin the road it catches you in it's legs you'll never be seen again). What i went to the latrine to do, was going to happen wheter i wanted it to or not. I was beside myself with fear, i could hear the blood pounding in my ears ; all singing voices and drums faded into nothingness.

Fear though can make you do amazing things,even be brave. I clenched my fist and yelled at my foe " If you think you go catch me tonite yuh lie" i hurled prayers and curses at the beast, it arms stated flaying widly i thought for sure "ah dead". Death gon surley ride my horse tonite, the beast threw something at me which struck me over my left eye instantly i knew it drew first blood. Ah ha; a big stone came in the view of my other eye, i hurled it at the beast who was now bearing down on me. I ducked an the beast grazed my cheek.

The battle went on for hours and i was going to pass out for sure, but i knew i was'nt going to go down like this. The sun was comming up i knew help was sure to come. In the midst of all that i felt as if new eyes were on me.I turned and their standing looking absolutley pertified was Uncle Francious. Yes help at last, yet suprisingly he was looking at me as if i'd gone mad .

I looked on the ground and there was a coconut with blood on it, i looked up to see that the monster i was fighting for six hours was Auntie Eunice's coconut tree.I looked at Uncle in utter humiliation, the only thing he could say was " I promise to never speak of this to anyone.


  1. Pretty intense's happened for real too right?

  2. Haha, I've gone through something similar. The suspense worked for me. I really thought you were battling a Phantom. Funny twist in the end brought it home.

  3. Oh man I was cracking up! Seriously, a coconut tree?! LOL oh man. Great detail and extra points for the was for hours! lol. I'm tired and hungry hahaha....