Thursday, July 23, 2009

Humble swine

He called himself a ladies man,a babe magnet,a stud.Above all, he was a man that prided himself on his good looks. No woman could withstand his charm, nor his devilish smile that liked the sirens song would beckon them to heartbreak. Yes oh yes ,many a hearts did he break. Young,old,rich,poor,vareid shapes and sizes succumed to his pouting lips and gyrating hips.There was one time he couterd a woman away from her husband of twelve years, only to rise on summer's eve to tell her. "Darling it's not you,you see i'm not a one woman man. It is just to damn a shame to deprive the world of women all this goodness".She watched his back as it exited her bedroom door.On another occassion he wooed a virgin to relenquish her precious cargo just because, just because.

He was truly a dispicable bastard,gorgeous but dispicable.His reputation preceeded him so he was always willing to take the bet that he could make any woman fall for him. And so it was the house on Abel hill became a new kingdom to conqueor.The old woman's grand-daughter was a rose among daisy's. Her hair hung like silk in the halls of olympus,her eyes were like doves eyes; piercing flesh from bone and her skin oh her skin looked like velvet. She was truly a forbiden fruit.Many a men dreamed of entering her doorway only to be shot down by her grand mother and mother.Three women in a house alone strange, but for the prize that awaited a man bold enough to brave the bricked walkway it was worth it . The more unatainable for Markos the better,a stiff penis has no concious.

Like a Jaguar in the Amazon, he plotted and planned a way to gain entry into the household.For weekes he watched and observed that the young lady's mother every afternoon at 4pm would walk outside their iron gates to feed the ducks in the pond across the street. This was the window he needed. He approached one afternoon and asked to join her. "what's a beautiful philly like you doing spending your evening with ducks"? She turned an looked at him, he could see where the young lady got her looks from, her mother to was beautiful.She smiled a smile that he'd seen too often as his own, but he was intrigued. "I like ducks, feed them a couple of times and they always come running". She peaked his interest "yes they do,do they", he wanted to know more. "May i ask your name?" Markos believed for sure his charm was working for she tenderley touched his hand and whisphered. "My name is Tisiphone".

As days turned into weeks, Markos was finally ready to catch his prey."Well boys it's been 2wks and tonights the night i enter the sacred shrine", laughing haughtly while lifting his beer.Markos thought to himself not one, but two womenhe could potentially bed tonight. Eventually 7pm came and his fingers eagerly rang the doorbell to the house on the hill. An elderly woman answered definitely the eldest of the women. She looked to as if she had been quite beautiful.Her croaky voice floated through the doorway. "You must be Markos, i am Grandma Alecto come in".He entered a beautiful and spacious corridor, and was greeted by Tisiphone further inside the grand house.A sweet smell flooded his nostrils and with that he felt as if his mind was floating.Tisiphone took him by the arm into the parlor.No sooner had he sat down out came the daughter in a very sheer dress. She greeted him with the most sexy smile, "Hello my name is Megaera" he breathe deeply ,her beauty was overwhelming it took his breath away.

Tisiphone seeing his lusty expression asked "You like my daughter do you"? Not taking his eyes off Megaera he meant to say no, but he could'nt . "Yes i do " his mind realizing his error yelled why the hell did i say that? His thought was puntured by the old ladies croaky voice. "What did you come here for"? His mind, his thoughts were to exposed he could'nt help himself. His voice strained as he tried to keep from answering but he did. "I came here to have sex with the young lady and her mother ,then tell my friends all about it".He was screwed now for sure he thought.The young lady walked closer to him knelt between his legs then kissed him deeply, she was replaced by her mother ,then her grandmother who blew in his face a gentle breeze and uttered " PIG".He walked out of the house never rembeing what happened but never changing his ways. However each time Markos broke a woman's heart, a piece of himself underwent a strange tranformation until the man ultimately disappeared and the old woman's words came true.

How well can we ever know our neighbors? Perhaps we might better ask, how well do we want to? It is said that our relationships deepen as secrets give way to truth. It may be, however, that there are some stones better left unturned.Markos found that out to well the day he crossed the paths of three furious women.


  1. Good story, the mystic/supernatural explanation is a nice touch.

  2. Good morale to the story. Loved how it flowed and painted. Only problem I saw was the grammar. I had a little hard time figuring when the characters were talking. Aside from that, good story.