Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Something Short about something that happened at a party.

The following story takes place in San Jose, California. There’s an arrangement of friends who live in SJ and there’s this one house they all tend to gather which will be referred to as The house. That is where most of the story will take place. Most of the people in this story are close to failures in their early adult life, in someway. Each person in the story will have flaws that they can’t cope with or just are oblivious too. Even the narrator (myself). The way they try to cope with their flaws is through fleeting means. They all have their vices (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, sympathy, empathy, financial instability, bad habits, dumb habits, whatever) but I think I heard someone once say "a man with a vice, is a man with character" or something like that. Heavily sedated and unmotivated. These are my friends.

So, here's this one friend, let's call him Walter.

Walter came to The house with this a young girl named (let's say) Kelly Vu. When I first saw her, I figured Walter with a different girl. I won't even bother meeting her. You see, Walter is pretty good at getting chicks. One of the truest things that, in our small group of friends, we actually agree on is that Walter gets chicks. Then when he's hanging with the guys, he speaks of it as sport or hunting. I can imagine that Walter was a savage hunter in a past life that would take down a mammoth bison just by running straight at it with a spear and drag it to a cave. That hunter might of had sex with just about anything too.

Okay, so the chick, Kelly. When Walter brought her to The house this one time, it was actually the fourth time. It was another party, about 1 AM when Walter shows up. Kelly is with him again and she brought her friends. They all dressed like the girls in downtown San Jose on a Friday night who go to the clubs (instead of the bars). Walter was a bar person so I figured it weird that they might of actually met outside of an alcohol-involved setting. So, Kelly was probably different. Walter might actually hang on to this one for a while.

At some point in the party, I go and meet her and her friends. My other friend, let's call him Barry, was there as well so he could meet the other chicks. So, Kelly says "Hi, I'm Kelly. Sorry we haven't gotten to meet yet."

Good start on her part. I say "No, I'm sorry. Y'know, we don't see Walter a lot so I don't say much more than hi. I'm (my name), by the way" We shake hands.

Barry shakes hands too and does his thing "I'm Barry," he raises his hand in a wave gesture. "Sorry I didn't get to meet you, even though I live here, I'm usually working. Also, I figured I wouldn't see you around that much."

"Yeah, no kidding." I say. I look at Barry and does that probably-shouldn't-have-said-that-look. I take a drink to make it look like I don't want to talk anymore.

Kelly looks up in thought for a moment, then her eyes squint in suspicion. "No kidding? What do you mean?" she actually asks playfully.

"He probably meant that Walter is a man-whore." Barry answers with pleasure.

"You see. I figured I wouldn't introduce myself the first time you came here cause Walter comes here with a different chick every time. At first, I would go and meet them or he'd introduce them to everyone, at the least." We make our way to the backyard for a smoke. Then I continue "But, eventually it didn't even matter cause he came with a different chick at least every other week or month. I think I've seen at least seven different chicks within this year alone already and it's only April!" I knew I was making my friend look real bad, but we've been drinking. I'll just talk about things I observe.

Then Barry had to come in with "hope you're wearing protection with that guy."

Then I just had to continue. "There was this time where he said he was going Christian and I actually have a good photo of him where he wore a shirt that said 'Christian' on it with a little halo over the t. He didn't want to or have to say why he was doing that. We all knew. He's somewhat transparent in my book, no offense, he's a good guy, but he was only doing it to get with another Christian chick."

"Virgins are tough sport," Barry adds. "Also, he still kind of texts Alison a lot. In fact, I was just with him and he was tex-" Kelly put out her cigarette and walked away as if she didn't even pay attention. Barry and I watch her walk away both knowing that we would never see her after tonight. Also, we were both just watching walk away cause she was hot and both of us were actually thinking "I'd have sex with her". And of course, I know we both thought that cause Barry said it outloud.

Later that night, Kelly and her friends got real drunk and made quite a mess in the kitchen and bathroom. Walter wasn't around when that happened so it was difficult to even get these girls' names when they could hardly hold a decent conversation.

Two weeks later, we forgot her name because Walter got with another girl already.


  1. Hahaha...Walter is gangster.

  2. Damn, doesn't get any real-er than this. Good read. Love the dialogue. It made me think I was right there with your characters talking about Walter.

  3. The picture was a nice touch, pretty mean of you though lol. This story is pretty cool and laid back, the dialog was to the point and it added needed information to the tale, no fluff, which is good. Keep up the good word.