Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quillen’s “Slip"

It sensed my face, knew I watched spellbound by its confusion—its pain, absorbed and defining a nightmare existence. “Slip,” a fiberglass sculpture shaped like an engorged “S” through a looking glass . . . Eyes blinking top and bottom, vulgar vertical lips breathing sighs, uttering sounds almost inaudible, almost sensual, always searching.

“Wow-wow; low, low, low, low. Oh no! Where did you go?” gave form—meaning to its multimodal essence, grieving and apocalyptic. Across the museum, “Slip” wails to Maria—woman without eyes, mouth, nostrils—just skin draped with cascading black hair. Like an unpainted, unfinished manikin on canvass, Maria only imagines how “Slip” appeals to all senses, yet like an abstract conversationalist, she communicates as well. Both endure.

--Sterling Warner

Posted on behalf of Sterling Warner


  1. Interesting artwork and piece.

  2. I remember this artwork, I don't like it. Creepy little thing. I liked how you painted a "picture" about the placement of the piece because I think it played a part in the artist vision. I really want to kill that green lip chick though...

  3. Yeah it gave me the creeps to. This was pretty provoking and haunting piece, i like.