Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Son of a Beach

She was a brunette. Many a men complimented her on her good looks. She had a perfect nose, and soft, kissable lips. She worked out, and kept a toned body. She’d been referred to as a coke bottle because of slender, sexy figure. She had c-cups men drooled over. While her outward appearance was to die for, within, she died for an appearance…an appearance of goodness. You see, she wasn’t an ordinary woman, she was troubled, very troubled. She had deep secrets that were too terrible to mention, dark thoughts too demented to think. She was special, quite special…

2009. It had been almost 5 years since it happened. Since the reason she had to change her identity. She had lost it again…whenever she loses it, very bad things happen…lives are lost, families are destroyed…but she doesn’t mean to do it, honestly…but when you’re pushed, you gotta push back, even if it means shoving and tackling down…

At least those feelings had subsided. This was a new life, a new beginning. She didn’t have the most glamorous job, but a job’s a job, and men needed their fix. She was a whore. Literally. The woman described as practically perfect had succumbed to taking tips for sucking dick. Unfortunate, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Her usual uniform consisted of a small beanie tilted back, large aviator sunglasses, and a leather jacket. She wore a tight bra as her shirt so her cleavage looked extra big, the men seemed to like that. The leather jacket was large enough to act as her skirt, men seemed to like that too. Long black boots completed her uniform…she’d usually round up nearly $6,000 a night wearing her uniform.

Despite all the money being made, her “house” (if it could even be called a house), was a one bedroom closet. Everything she had was in that room, and she had to walk a mile and a half for a shower and bathroom. Most of the money went to Johnny. Johnny had found her on the highway dazed, confused, and in rags. He offered her the job, and she reluctantly accepted. Johnny had a particular thing for her, and had sex with her on numerous occasions, most of the time with her resisting. It wasn’t until a month ago she found out she was pregnant. It was Johnny’s kid, but he denied it. It didn’t matter to her, she’d keep the kid anyway and raise the child alone. It wasn’t until the child was born that she finally decided to end Johnny for good. She had the power to do it, she was a special individual, but ending Johnny would mean a new life again…

You see, her power is quite fascinating. She has the ability to manipulate minds, objects, thoughts…practically anything, but it was limited. It was limited to the point where it only worked if the manipulated person was manipulated to suffer. She could also materialize her own thoughts, with the condition being that they have twisted, demented, or horrific. 5 years ago, during an argument, she had lost control of her mind and thought up a horrific way to demolish the person she was angry at. She also manipulated said person to commit heinous crimes and murder. The police only figured out who it was because she had stupidly left behind a glove. It took her five years of running, theft, and multiple identities to finally escape.

She decided that she’d kill Johnny by making him hang himself. Nothing too horrific and just manipulative enough that it’d be plausible he did it to himself. Little Abraham was getting so big, it was a pity that he wouldn’t have a father in his life…

2030. Abe is finally 21. She was still a whore, albeit in another new town, under a new alias, but Abe was fine with it. Surprisingly, she still looked youthful. Her new uniform was much simpler than the one she wore so many years ago… it was just a leather bra and leather shorts. Her powers had subsided again, she was actually happy for once. She smiled as Abe trotted in. Abe was a grown man now, he had features of his father, a snout like nose, big floppy ears…and he was quite husky for a 21 year old. She loved him regardless because he was her son, her creation. Abe could be described just like his mother, one of a kind. Abe is special, because he’s the only half human half pig in existence.

Let us go rewind back to 2009. Johnny was actually a pig. Yes, a pig. He was an experiment gone terribly wrong. At the time, the government was interested in genetic splicing, and had spliced a willing human participant’s genes with that of a pig. The government had hoped that they could literally call an officer of the law a “pig”…they thought wrong. She never made this realization that he was a pig because Johnny had an assortment of disguises to fool her, while beautiful, she wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb. It did make sense now though, because whenever they were having sex, she always had the feeling a pig was fucking her, but she shook it off as just something in her head.

It doesn’t matter though, she loves Abe, and Abe loves her. They’re in Texas now, enjoying life. The sun’s about to set...She and Abe glance at the sunset. She proceeds to put the saddle and harness on Abe’s back, prepping to give him a ride. He oinks in agreement and they ride off happily into the dusk sky.



  1. I share your thoughts. I think I was high when I wrote it.

  2. Still an impressive piece of work. Never would have thought Johnny was an actual pig, moreover, a pimp. LOL. Details were direct and very illustrative.