Thursday, July 16, 2009


Crap where’s my phone?
It’s not here
Not in my pockets
Not in my hand
Where’s my phone?

How will I live without it?
No contact
No connection
I’m isolated!

How will I know what my friend just tweeted?
How will I text my friends where I’m at?
How will I check my email?
How can I be around so many people, but still feel alone?
I’m disconnected – cut off.

Calm down
This is part of life
Can’t worry about what you did
Focus on what lies ahead

Sometimes it’s okay to be alone
Think. Reflect on what you’ve done
And let fate take its course
Whatever happens now is out of your hand

But I still really wish I had my phone.


  1. I know the feeling. That's how I feel about my laptop.

  2. Oh that was a nice decription of everyday life.

  3. Hey yeah I'm sorry for freaking out at you at the meeting about this lol. I always enjoy the sound factor you put in your writinggs and this one really makes you see how much of a slave we really are to tech. Ugh...speaking of which...where is my phone?