Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Page out of Adolescent Love

Morgan had to print out five pages of essay for history, four pages of book review for English, and cover the 11 problems he skipped for geometry homework. It didn't help that he woke up at 7:52 AM, eight minutes prior to the school day starting. He saw the clock, smacked his forehead and said "Fuck it! I'll miss first period." Photo 2, it was his favorite class and he actually had the homework done for that. He checked his cell phone. Maureen didn't call back.
Morgan and Maureen had a pretty rough argument last night which heavily distracted Morgan from his homework. Maureen felt they were drifting and Morgan simply disagreed. The argument went really sour when Maureen got a text from a senior who played bass, had a pretty tall mohawk, and jumped over a pile of 50 blind folded lower class men with his motorcycle for senior prank day. Over the phone Maureen told Morgan to hold on as he was trying to make a point. She laughed. "What's so funny?" Morgan sounded as if it was a demand.
Maureen was hesitant to answer, "It's just a text from Scott. Y'know, the bass playe-,"
"Yeah, with the mohawk and jumped over fifty lower class men with his bike, whatever. Oh, its fifty! What's going on between you two? This should make 180. Are we really drifting or is he your guy on the-75 degree angle-side?" Morgan was speaking without thinking. He was trying to do geometry while talking to his girlfriend and didn't realize he couldn't juggle both.
"75 degree angle-side? What the hell are you-Y'know... I've told you so many times Scott's a friend. He's no threat to you. Y'know what else? I don't think we should continue talking tonight. You have a lot of homework. I lov-" she pauses to sigh. "Bye, Morgan." *Click* Maureen hung up. In the year and two months they were together, she never hung up like that. Morgan must have left three long voice mails after that. He would of left more if he didn't have so much homework to cover.
With only three hours sleep, Morgan sloppily got ready for school. Quickly printed out his assignments and stuffed them into the binder in his backpack. Got dressed, mouth washed, splashed water in his face, ran to the car. "Shit! Where's my keys?!" he exclaims with absurd shock. Runs back into the house, up the stairs and searches through the chaos that is his room. Piles of wires, video game controllers, skateboard wheels, and his entire wardrobe litter his room. Took him five minutes to find it. He's got thirty minutes till second period. Runs back out to the car and it didn't start. The battery was drained because he left the headlights on overnight recently. With no way to jump the car, Morgan had to walk about fifteen, ten if he ran, five if he took his skateboard. On the way he biffs a couple times thanks to several well placed pebbles.
When Morgan got to second period, physics, Debra and Tina, Maureen's closest friends, were there and they didn't seem happy to see Morgan. They're usually chipper and say hi with a hug but Morgan was getting the shoulder. Morgan tried to say his hellos but got nothing. With his back turned, they would speak in whisper and intentionally say Morgan's name loud enough for him know they're talking about him. They would laugh and Morgan would turn around and they'd just be straight faced. Maureen must have gotten to them that morning and told them about the argument.
When it got to first break, ten minutes, Morgan waited at the usual spot for Maureen near the library. She didn't show up. The bell rang and for the first time that year, he walked to third period alone. It was his geometry class and knew he had to face the music about the unfinished homework.
Mr. Yilma didn't say anything at first, which was bad. He just reviewed the paper Morgan gave him and looked at him for a moment. "Are you kidding, Morgan? I'm sorry to say it, but I'm seriously starting to think you just suck at math. . ." Mr. Yilma went on about tutoring sessions. Morgan just nodded and waited for the bell to ring.
Lunch time eventually started and Morgan ran to Mrs. Belmund's class to turn in the photo homework. When he was coming up on the art department he saw Maureen and Scott talking on a bench. They were sitting pretty close, but not intimate close. Either way, Morgan was not happy to see that. Not willing to lose his cool in public, he turned back, walked away from the photo class and went to go find a place to curl up in a ball and rock back and forth until lunch ended.
Fifth period came up which was Morgan's history class. Turned is his homework, took notes and mostly thought about what Maureen was doing with Scott. What the hell were they talking about? Is she into him? The mohawk? I could grow a mohawk. I could jump over fifty- Could he jump over 100 lower class men? That would be a very uncomfortable pile of people.
Sixth period. English. When asked to turn in his homework, he realized he gave the English homework to the History teacher. Morgan being so deflated by this period in the day, didn't even bother to explain himself and just said "You'll get it tomorrow, Mr. Baird. I know this will hurt my grade, but . . ." the bell rings and Morgan just slumps out of his chair as well as the conversation. He was going to say "girl troubles" and hope that Mr. Baird would understand but saved by the bell.
On his way home, Morgan felt he had one of the worst days of his life so far. To add, when he got home he noticed that his mom's car was gone. That means 'no already made lunch' by mom for Morgan. Morgan curses and unlocks the front door and opens it. A folded piece of paper falls from between the door and frame and lands on the floor. He knew it was from Maureen because it was folded into the shape of a heart. Morgan unfolds it and reads:

When you read this, I want you to know that
the two of us are OVER. And none of this
'I Love you so much that it kills me' and all
that shit. I'm tired of hearing it. All
day you're running through my mind
because I can't forget the awful things you said to me.
The next time I see you I will
grab the first guy I see and kiss him. I'll
be unable to contain myself and
just laugh in your face. Then,
as quickly as I can
I will fuck him then find you,
wrap my arms around
your neck. Choke
you and never let go
until you are dead.
You are my
biggest mistake.
(Don't Forget it.)

This wasn't a good day for Morgan and this letter was just harsh to say the least. He was just about to fall to his knees and curse the almighty for bringing him into this world when his cell buzzed. It's a text from Maureen which read: "If you got my letter, read it AGAIN but read every other line, starting from the top." Morgan thought this was some kind of sick joke but read it again anyway with the new instruction.

After finishing the letter the second time, Morgan smiled for the first time that day. He walked up to his room and was surprised to catch Maureen's unforgettable scent. He opens the door and there she is in her bra and panties. With a smile Maureen says "Hey, babe. Your mom let me in earlier before she left. Now, shut the door and c'mere."


  1. Still a great story after the 4th read!

  2. I really liked this story, I think you did a great job, its also kinda cool that you had re create the note. You gonna let your ex read it?